【Surveys】 How do I use tags in a survey to automatically detect demographic questions?

Thanks to continuous updates and upgrades, you can now use CompanyIQ surveys' tags to automatically detect demographic questions. However, many people may be confused as to where they should add tags and what the rules for adding tags are, so today we' ll look at two questions one by one:

Question 1: Where do I add tags?

Step 1: On the question editing page, after you've finished editing the question, click the question row. 

Step 2: On the questions settings page, click the window below Tags to add tags to the question,and click 【save】.

Question 2: What are the rules for adding tags?

Previously we mentioned that now you can use CompanyIQ survey tags to automatically detect demographic questions.
1. What are demographic questions?
There are 3: gender, age, and tenure, as shown in the image below.
2. Can I add custom tags?
No; these 3 demographic question tags are fixed and include:
2.1. Gender-type question tag: MB_Gender
2.2. Age-type question tag: MB_Age
2.3. Tenure question tag: MB_Tenure
Please keep in mind that you cannot add tags as you wish. In order to enable automatic detection about demographic questions, they must be consistent throughout.
Also, currently only the following three demographic questions support automatic analysis: gender, age, and tenure. If your survey includes demographic questions outside of these three categories (for example, position), then those demographics will not be automatically analyzed.
Additionally, we would like to remind everyone that if you've already created a survey including these three demographic questions, then there's no need to worry that the tags function cannot be used. You can still edit the survey and add tags to the three questions. If you have enabled CIQ's [Anylatics],you can conduct automatic detection,once the data updates after 24 hours.
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