【Feedback】What‘s the difference between Feedback2.0 and Feedback1.0?


 1.The structural upgrade of the backend modules:

We add the extension management system of user satisfaction, the user experience of the Q&A functions has been improved.


The settings are more humanization and the process is visualization.


  • Add “Priority” to help managers efficiently handle urgent problems.
  • Add more searching dot that will be more convenience.


New Functions


  • Optimize “Module”, multi-level classification display is more clearly.
  • Reply management: Add common reply and customize reply functions
  • Add user questions priority management, different colors represent the degree of urgency, the administrator can see at a glance.
  • Add deadline for question responses. User can learn the time limit for the administrator to reply the questions.
  • Add Low-Rated Responses, response processing with user satisfaction lower than 2 points will be automatically transferred to Low-Rated Responses module.


  • Humanized question setting, add the option of telephone return visit, add the function of retractable question submission.
  • Users can clearly see the progress of questions (reply time, processing results, whether return visit).
  • User's satisfaction rating with the question answer has an impact on the administrator's background (Transferred to Low-Rated Responses module, but the administrator's background does not display the rating).



  • Add priority issues, can be resolved by color processing order.
  • Add comments to questions, record more details on employee questions for help to solve questions.
  • Add time period, degree of urgency, keyword three issues for screening search.


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