【Exams】 How do I assign an exam to specific employees and notify them?

Step 1. Click [Exams]

Step 2. In the [Modify] menu, click [Edit].

Step 3. Choose [No] for [Show on Mobile Terminal], then click [Save]

Step 4. Click [System Management] - [What's New]

Step 5. Click [Template 1]

Step 6. Fill in the topic, description, etc.

For recipients, select [Custom User Group]: after entering the users' ID numbers, click [Verify]

For recipients, select [Custom Conditions]: after setting the conditions, click [OK]

Step 7. Select [Open Online Exam] after tapping

Step 8. Select the exam name

Step 9. Click [Send]

Note:You cannot recall What's New notifications after they've been sent

You can send up to 5 What's New notifications per day

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