【Personal Info】 How do I upload employees' personal information?


Step 1: In the main menu, click on [Personal Info].


Step 2: Click [Create].

Step 3: Choose the personal info template you would like to use, then click on [Data Template] to download the template for reference.

Please note: When you roll your mouse over a template, you can see its introduction and requirements. Please pay special attention to the required fields as they are important to consider when you are filling out employee information.

Step 4: Click [Use] to continue.

Step 5: Enter the relevant information, then click [Save].

  • [Employee Column] Fill in the header contents of the column that contains employees' ID (for example, Employee ID, Employee No., ID, etc.) in the file. Make sure the contents here are consistent with the contents in the file.
  • [Template Display Category]
    * Only Show Details: After the user clicks the module, they will be taken directly to the details page.
    * List + Details: after the user clicks on the module, they will be taken to a list. If they click on items in the list, they will be brought to the details page.
  • [Add in-app Check-in] After a user views the data in the app and clicks [Save], the back-end administrator can know which users have already viewed the data.
  • [Add password protection in-app] After the user enters the module, they will have to enter their password to view the details.
  • [Add password protection to view in backend] Ordinary administrators will need to enter a password set when the module was created before they can enter the module and manage it (super administrator does not need to enter the password).
  • [Hide] When selected, the module will not be shown in the app.


Step 6: Click "Create Group".


Step 7: Enter the group name, then click "OK".


Step 8: Click on the new group's name.


Step 9: Click [Upload].

Step 10: Click [Select File].

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