【Feedback1.0】 Why can't backend administrators view the content of employees' feedback?

Question: Why am I receiving daily reminders telling me that I have not yet responded to employee feedback, but am unable to view the feedback content when I am in the backend?

Answer: First, remember that email reminders and managing employee feedback are two separate functions.

Email Reminders----After the settings have been set to "No Reply Reminder", notification emails will automatically be sent to all individuals who need reminders (the Reply Reminder list can be set in "No Reply Reminder").


Feedback Management----In order to view employee feedback content, you not only need to be a back-end administrator and a module administrator, but you will also need to be an administrator for the category in question. For example, in order to manage feedback in the [Product Use] category, you must first enter your back-end or front-end account as an administrator in [Settings]. After you have taken these actions, you will be able to view employee feedback content in Feedback Management.

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