【Company Info】 How do I upload an Address Book?


Step 1: Click "Create".


Step 2: Fill in the relevant information and click "Save".


Step 3: Click on the title of the Address Book you just created.


Step 4: Click "Create".


Step 5: Open a blank Excel workbook. In the first four columns, from left to right, enter the name, department, position, and contact method for each person in the Address Book.

The first three columns can be adjusted to fit your company's needs, but phone numbers must be in the fourth column. This way, the user can directly call the phone number simply by tapping in the contact list (please note, this does not work for transfers/extensions).

Step 6: Enter a title, then click "Choose Template".


Step 7: Click "Choose File" and select your Excel workbook, then click "OK".


Step 8: Click "Save".


Step 9: In the "Modify" menu, select "Enabled". Now, your Address Book is uploaded and activated.






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