【What's New】 How do I release a notification?


  • The maximum number of notifications you can manually send each day is 5.
  • Notifications from the News, Feedback, Tasks, and Discovery modules, as well as the first-time login welcome notification, are all automatically sent.

Step 1: Select a template.

Step 2: Fill in the title and description and upload an image (preview available in the top left corner).

Step 3: Define the [Recipients] group for the notification.

  1. Custom User Group: Send the notification according to employee ID numbers. After you've filled in the recipients' ID numbers, click the button to verify. 
  2. Custom Conditions: Send the notification according to the recipients' gender, age, time since joining the company, or department. Click the [Custom Conditions] field to set requirements.

Step 4: Choose the [After Clicking] function, then choose the relevant content.

Step 5: According to your needs, select whether or not to [Set Publish Time].

Step 6: Click [Release] (Note: Before releasing, double-check to make sure there are no errors. Once a notification is released, it can't be recalled).





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