【Library】 How do I prepare a course package for a video course?

Note:please download the course package first(Click here

1. Unzip the attached file, open the folder, and you'll see the four files below:


2. The contents indicated in the red square below are contents that need to be replaced; the other contents will remain unchanged. Follow the steps below to prepare your course package:


3. Open the "Images" folder and name the cover image following the formatting rules, e.g. "1.jpg". (Note: jpg must be written in lowercase).


4. Open the "Video" folder and name your video following the formatting rules, e.g. "w1081a0702000000.mp4".(Note: The video must be an MP4-type file).


5. Select the below files and compress them together as a .zip file. Now, your video course is ready to upload.


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