How do I unlink my phone number?

How do I unlink my phone number from my CIQ account?
Step 1: Enter CIQ and tap [Me], then tap [Settings].
Step 2: Tap [My Account]
Step 3: To unlink your phone number, press and hold down on the phone number.
Step 4: Tap [Unlink]
Step 5:
1. If the phone number can receive SMS message verification, then enter the verification code to unlink the phone number.
2. If your phone number has changed, or you cannot receive SMS verification codes, please contact Customer Service at 400-961-5626 or the Company IQ QQ at (182) 611-7193 to unlink your phone number.
How do I unlink my QQ account? What about my WeChat?
Press and hold QQ/WeChat, then click [Unlink].

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