【Library】 How do I redirect to a survey from a course page?

Let's use redirecting from page 13 of this course to a survey as an example:
1. Unzip the file in the attachment. After you have opened the folder, the following four folders will be displayed:
2. The red box indicates items that need to be replaced, while the rest should remain unchanged. Please follow the steps below.
3. Click on the images folder, delete the sample pictures in the folder, copy and paste the picture you need to click on the course page to jump to the survey into the folder, then name that image following the format of "13.jpg". (Note: jpg is lowercase; the name of the image must only contain numbers or letters)
4. Place the other course pages in the following location:
5. Right click 1.html page and select "Open With Notepad".
6. After opening it, find the portion indicated with the red box below. There are three areas that need to be edited. After you've finished editing, save.

① Change this to the the name of the course page that will redirect to the survey (this is the same name as the image in the "Images" folder). Using our example, this section will be changed to "13.jpg".



② Change this to the URL of the survey the page will redirect to. (Note: "/?app=ciq" must not be altered)

③ Change the "title" name to the name of the survey.
7. Change the name of 1.html. Following our example, if the 13th page of the course will redirect to the survey, then change the name to 13.html.
8. Select the below files and compress them together as a .zip file. Now, your course is ready to upload.

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