[News] How can I add a Youtube video to the What's New page?

If you would like to add a video to the What's New page, please follow the steps outlined below:
First, complete the following in Youku.
1. First, upload your video to Youku.
2. In Youku, search for your uploaded video.
3. Click the arrow next to [Share With Friends]. (As shown in the red box)
4. Click the [Copy] button after [Common Code]
Paste the copied link into What's New
1. Login to CompanyIQ and under [Work Information] select [Company News], enter the corresponding module.
2. Click [Add News].
3. Choose category,enter the title,upload a thumbnail, and complete other relevant operations.
4. Click the [HTML Code] Button.
5. Paste the link copied from Youku into the editor (as shown below).
6. Click [Save], then publish.
Please Note:
1. Android devices do not support fullscreen playback.

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