【News】 How can I add a Youtube video to the What's New page?

If you would like to add a video to the What's New page, please follow the steps outlined below:
First, complete the following in Youku.
1. First, upload your video to Youku.
2. In Youtube, search for your uploaded video.
3. Click the arrow on the screen. (As shown in the red box)
4. Click the share link
5.Copy the link in the address bar
Paste the copied link into What's New
1. Login to CompanyIQ and under [Employee Portal] select [News], enter the corresponding module.
2. Click [Add News].
3. Choose category,enter the title,upload a thumbnail, and complete other relevant operations.
4. Click the [HTML Code] Button.
5. Paste the link copied from Youku into the editor (as shown below).
6. Click [Save], then publish.
Please Note:
1. Android devices do not support fullscreen playback.

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