【Library】 How do I upload quiz questions?



Here we will introduce how to upload quiz questions.
Step 1:
If your quiz has relatively few questions, you can simply click [Create] on the Questions Archive page.
Enter the relevant contents, then click [Save].
If your quiz has many questions, we recommend using [Import in Batch]. On the Questions Archive page, click [Import in Batch].
Step 2: Click [Template for Single Choice and Multiple Choice] in the upper righthand corner to download the template.
Step 3: ① Move your mouse over the cells in the template to display helpful information.
            ② Red text indicates items that must be filled out.
            ③ For multiple choice answers, use "|" to divide answers. (Note: Your text input must be set to English)
            ④ Enter contents according to the template.
Step 4: After you've finished filling out the template, select any relevant tag(s), click [Choose File], then click [Import Data].
Refresh the page to check the question import status.
If the "Status" column says "Success", then your quiz questions have successfully uploaded.
If the "Status" column says "Error", please return to the template to check and make sure everything was filled in correctly.

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