【Library】 Notes on converting PowerPoints to HTML 5 courses

The PowerPoint to HTML 5 tool is used to simplify the process of saving a PowerPoint as images, editing file names, compressing, etc. Currently, the tool is still in the beta testing stage, so in order to avoid glitches, we suggest using simple PowerPoint files consisting of just text and images, without any added videos, audio files, etc.
Here are a few tips for creating and uploading PowerPoint courses:
1. Regarding bullet points
Please do not add any bullet points (including automatic sequences). These may not appear in the app, or may appear as symbols like "?".
2. Regarding animations
Typically, we recommend not adding any animations into the PowerPoint. If an animation is set as "On Click", then the user must click/tap to continue. If it's set to "With Previous", then the animation will automatically start when the user enters the page.
3. Regarding audio
Typically, we recommend not adding any audio files into the PowerPoint. Adding an audio file will increase the size of the file, and it will also use up more of the users' data.
If you think adding audio files will help improve users' study experience and choose to go ahead and add them, we recommend first compressing the audio file. Also, the file type must be MP3.
We recommend keeping the "play audio" button (bell icon) unhidden. If you set audio to play automatically, Android phones will play the audio automatically; however, Apple phones require the user to press play in order to play the audio.
4. Regarding PowerPoint file size
It is important to keep the PowerPoint file as small as possible without sacrificing quality. We recommend each uploaded course package not exceed 10M.
5. Regarding switching slides after a certain time
Typically, we recommend not setting the PowerPoint slides to switch after a certain time.
If you set a time for the page to automatically switch, once that time limit is reached, then the course will automatically move to the next page. If the time limit has not yet been reached and the user taps [Next], then the course will pause, and they will have to tap [Next] again in order to continue.
Friendly Reminder:
If you have inserted audio or video into your PowerPoint, please ensure that the time limit to automatically switch is greater than the length of the audio or video.
Common Issues
1. I have uploaded my PowerPoint course, and in the app it shows three buttons at the bottom. What are these?
The three buttons at the bottom are [Previous], [Play/Pause], and [Next].
By tapping [Previous], the system will pause the animation; by tapping [Previous] again, the user will be returned to the previous page. By tapping [Play], the course will continue playing from this page.
Tapping [Play/Pause] will cause the course to either stop or continue playing. If the page has no contents, then the user will proceed to the next page.
By tapping [Next], the system will pause the animation; by tapping [Next] again or tapping [Play], the course will jump to the next page.
Friendly Reminder:
The order that the slides play in is unrelated to the animation or transition settings.

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