【Library】 How do I prepare a course package?

There are two types of course packages: PowerPoint-format, and ZIP-format. (Please note that course packages should be as small as possible while still retaining quality and clarity; we recommend course package sizes stay at or under 50M.)
PowerPoint-format course packages: Recommended page size is 20x30 centimeters. After the course has been uploaded, the backend will automatically turn it into an HTML5-format course.
ZIP-format course packages: This refers to saving a completed PowerPoint using the following method:
Step 1: Open the PowerPoint you wish to upload, then click [Save As].
Step 2: In the Save As window, select JPEG (*.jpg) format.
Step 3: Select [Each Slide].
Step 4: The images must be named according to their sequence using numbers (1, 2, 3, 4...).
Step 5: Select all images and compress them together as a ZIP file.
Step 6: Rename the ZIP file. (Note: The file name can only contain letters or numbers)

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