【Library】 How do I upload a course?


Before uploading a new course, make sure you've done the following preparations:
Prepare the course package and thumbnail (course cover image)
Course package size: We recommend staying under 50M
Thumbnail size: 140 pixels wide by 180 pixels tall
Step 1: On the front page of the backend, click on [Digital Learning] and choose [Library] from the dropdown menu.
Step 2: Click [Create Course]
Step 3: Fill out the course's basic information according to its contents. The [Catalog Sequence] at the bottom refers to the course's position in the library. The larger the number, the closer it is to the front. When all the necessary information has been filled out, click [Next].
Step 4: Upload the course package and cover image, fill in the recommended study time, then click [Next].
Step 5: If you don't want to upload quiz questions, click [Complete]. If you want to upload quiz questions, click [Next].

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